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Finally cracked the 750 barrier this morning -twice

This morning I used my old S&W K-22 and K-38 revolvers (Models 17-5 and 14-1 to be exact) at our local 900 point NRA bullseye match (there's a second centerfire match the first Saturday of the month) and scored 762 and 750 points, respectively. My previous bests were 742 with the K-22 and 703 with the K-38, both on single match days, so I was very happy to set new highs with both guns (and new all-time highs for me with any gun) in a 2-match session. The 750 with the .38 was a 100-point improvement over the last time I used it in a double match 2 months ago.

My 50-yard slow fire continues to improve slowly (75.7 avg. with the .22 and 69.3 with the .38 this morning), but I'm improving more at timed and rapid fire, averaging 89.2 with the .22 and 90.3 with the .38. As expected, timed fire was 2-3 points better than rapid fire on average. I have both guns set up pretty much the same sight-wise so the only difference is the recoil of the .38, which doesn't seem to hurt me at all in TF and RF, all of which I shoot DA.

I attribute the improvement to practice, naturally. I'm not going to the range more often, but I am dry firing more, and have also been practicing the last couple of weeks shooting pellets into a one-inch circle from 25 feet with a Crosman air pistol.

I started shooting bullseye late last September, and my goal is to break 800 at least once by this September. Maybe unrealistic, but I've still got almost 5 months to get there.

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