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As for the comment that "I practice at 25 yards"

I find that marksmanship doesn't always translate to self defense. You need several other skills to build upon the "marksmanship" of hitting targets at 25 yards - Speed, shoot and move and use of cover... Shooting on the move is like relearning how to shoot all over again. Drawing from the holster is another skill many folks do not get a chance to practice and lastly speed will detrimentally decrease your marksmanship.
Why can't you practice, shooting on the move, drawing from the holster, shooting for speed, etc etc at 25 yards targets.

I guarantee you if you practice right you combat or action style shooting at a 25 yard RF target, you're abilities at 7 yards are going to improve.

If you can shoot long range, you can shoot short range, the reverse is no necessarily true.
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