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Yeah, it can be done but you'll find shooting the 130's out of that 6.8 are an easier thing. You'll do best by using SR4759 and starting at 10.5 grs under a 130 and go up. Using a chronograph and reliable cycling of the action will tell you where the sweet spot is for your particular rifle. Consider a max velocity at 1050'ps at the muzzle. This is the velocity the commercial loaders use as max for subsonic ammo.
If you've never used SR4759, it's extremely bulky. 19.0 grs in a 3006 case is about 80% loading density. That's what I load for the Boy Scouts locally and it's a hoot to watch them shoot the o3a3's with no recoil. SR4759 will not meter thru any measure so it's a weigh ever charge kinda powder. Burns exceptionally clean. If you've never loaded subsonic ammo, make sure to keep the brass separate from normal loads and only reload it a max of 5 times or expect issues. The firing pin action and low pressures will eventually shorten the brass at the datum line giving you an excessive headspace condition.
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