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Clarification on 7 yards (21 feet)

So correct.(above) Someone within 7 yards (21 feet) is a threat to you. I think we can all agree on that. As someone is closing in on you from greater than 7 yards... around 7 yards they will be on you in less than 2 seconds.

Now we also can accept that shooting someone at 25-50 yards (75-150 feet)is also not a good idea... but again unless they are shooting at you... But just standing there and threatening you with a bat or something... you should be on alert...

Now you have to look at the circumstances. Every shooting is dynamic and moving... If that same person with the bat or knife is closing in on you (running at you). You should be ready for them... hand on firearm, or unholstered or getting there. Before they reach the "magical 7 yards" you need to decide as they will be on you in less than 2 seconds.

So, 7 yards (21 feet) is a bubble you should ear mark as your do or die. Anyone within that is an obvious RED threat. 7-10 yards Yellow and greater than 10 yards you need to be very aware.

There is a video on youtube... about 7 yards... it was made in the 70's that demonstrate how fast someone that you or they are within the 7 yards can do harm to you faster than you can respond and draw/fire. (sorry I can't look up youtube while at work).

So it clearly shows that you may be talking to someone within 7 yards and as soon as you react - the perp has stabbed or slashed you...

As for the comment that "I practice at 25 yards"

I find that marksmanship doesn't always translate to self defense. You need several other skills to build upon the "marksmanship" of hitting targets at 25 yards - Speed, shoot and move and use of cover... Shooting on the move is like relearning how to shoot all over again. Drawing from the holster is another skill many folks do not get a chance to practice and lastly speed will detrimentally decrease your marksmanship.

So, I will leave you with this thought. You have to take under consideration what is happening and apply these "skills" to your experience and circumstances. Just looking at 7 yards... you are missing the point. 7 Yards is just a benchmark and a dangerous distance one should be very proficient at and for good reason.

Ultimately, speed to recognize and speed to action and then putting rounds on target are the key. Distance is your friend as it give you more time to take everything in and decide what needs to be done. Once you fire... well, that's a different story.
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