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6.8 150-160 grain subsonic load?

Does anyone here load a subsonic 6.8 SPC in 150-160 grain bullets? I'm wrestling big time between 6.8 and .300 AAC. I really would like a 6.8 better for hunting deer and hogs, but my wife REALLY likes shooting subsonic and suppressed when the chance arises. I'd rather not need to have 2 different uppers just to have the latter for maybe 20% of the time, but also keeping her happy know, a BIG priority too--I want to have as much fun for her as possible so she enjoys shooting in as many ways as she can, and a recent trip to MD for a suppressed shooting event showed me that she likes that the best.

From what I gather, it looks like the biggest bullets I can get for the .277 size are 150 and 160 grain. The goal is to have them just barely subsonic in a 16" barrel and have it cycle my AR's action 100% with a suppressor on (helps add gas pressure). Can this be done, and does anyone here do it or at least have done it?

(In case anyone wonders, we live 15 minutes north of PA w/ plenty of friends and family there, plus plenty of family in other free states as well.)
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