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Hi Space, If you want to buy the Izzy as suggested, ask for the Izh-46m and

not the Izh-35. The Izh-35 is a 22LR autoloader for competing in ISSF Sport Pistol

for Rapid fire events. I'll make another suggestion, buy a Beeman P17, which

is an SSP(single stroke pneumatic) air pistol with an excellent trigger, and sights

very similar to those found on bullseye pistols. The P17s cost around $40-$50.

be mindful, ISSF match air pistols have a 500g minimum trigger pull wgt.

10 meter air pistol practice is very good for learning trigger control and sight

alignment. The AP training will help improve your slow fire scores. I shoot

ISSF 10 meter AP and 50 meter pistol(22LR). The AP training is a significant

aid to my 50 meter shooting. The IZH-46M offers the best compromise for price

and features, and it has a dry fire capability. Best of luck in your choice, there

are many used 10 meter match air pistols to select from. I suggest you pose this

same question on the Pilkguns TT forum.

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