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The ATF office in Phoenix, specifically Agent-in-Charge Bill Newell and his deputy, George Gillette, promised to protect Dobyns, but Dobyns says they didn't. He says the Hells Angels threatened to rape his wife and behead his children. Weeks later, Dobyns says the gang burned down his house with his family inside. Miraculously, they escaped.
In a much less serious case, I have had personal experience with the kind of "protection" the Feds provide to witnesses who have received threats. I was such a witness/whistleblower. My "protection" was being given the direct office telephone number (not a cell phone number or home number, just the office "skip the operator" direct extension) of an agent in the next state. IF I had actually reached him in an emergency, he was a minimum of two hours away.

When a "situation" arose, I called the local police -- who asked why I was calling them since it was a Federal investigation.

Me: "Because it's 3:00 o'clock in the morning and I just received a telephone call threatening to kill me."

Dispatch: "What would you like us to do about it?"

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