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Glenn E. Meyer
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Shane has it nailed. The OP may have led to politics but we let it go a bit. When Obama and abortion enters the debate - it's going to lead to some firestorm and ranting/raving posts. It is not our mission to referee such and TFL is not about that.

Even using an analogy can start the brush fire.

Perhaps we should have closed it immediately. But logic dictates that the letting it go for a bit does not precludes a later close or demand a reopening.

I would remind folks that this is a voluntary activity and just as you don't have to watch the View or watch MTV, if you don't like us - there are other wild and wooly gun forums full of ranting, raving and profanity.

I would also remind folks that the moderators bring considerable expertise and time to this enterprise as volunteers. Engaging in a close quarter hermeneutic examination of posts to distinguish between analogy and politics and forbidden subjects demands my salary be tripled.
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