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Shane Tuttle
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Either the thread should have been closed immediately as inappropriate, or it should still be open. We are not kindergarteners. This is not the YMCA.

I think you are wrong here Mod. I think the thread should be re-opened.
So, by your claim of members already posting a thread that entices politics we should allow two wrongs be a right and never close the thread? Um, yyyeeeaaahhh, right....

Here's where you're off-base.

1. The OP did NOT lead to the nature of politics not allowed here. Members that post political content that isn't allowed in a thread is what lead to closing.

2. The nature of politics that aren't allowed here leads to members acting like kindergardeners. We have LOADS of threads in our archives, which prove this as a cold hard fact.

3. You're confusing the difference in discussing law & civil rights regarding what the government involvement is and pure politics.

4. In my observation, Glenn smelled a thread about to go sour based on his experience as Staff. He nipped it in the bud.

The ruling was sound and stands as Glenn saw fit....unless he decides to reconsider.

Oh, and Vanya's example is the perfect example of the practice.
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