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Range-Time W/Savage, Lightweight Varminter

Finally got to put in some range time with my new Savage Lightweight Varminter, in .223 Remington. This one is the 25 LV-T. In short, what a tack driver and not as light as you might expect. ....

Mounted a 4-16 x 40MM scope on it and bore sighted, in my shop. Initial round, hit 3" high at 75yds. Adjusted scope and the second round was in the 10 ring. Two more proving shots, were in a 3/4" group. Remaning rounds were in a 1" group but did have one flyer. Did not pre-check the Accutrigger in the shop and turned out to be where I wanted it anyway. Barrel is fully floated. Did not load or shoot from the magazine and it did allow me to shoot singleshot without any problems. Shot from a firm Lyman rest and sand-bags. The only minor issue that I had, was that the bolt was rather stiff on ejecting a fired round. I suspect or hope this might get smoother with time.

I also took my trusty Contender with .223Rem. 21" barrel and 3-10 X32 scope and it also held a good 2" group at 75yds. All in all, it was a great day to be out and shooting, even though it was 36Deg. F. out and you coudl see your breath. .....

Be Safe !!!
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