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A little update - When I rented the M&P, it shot like a dream, felt great and had very little recoil, all of which contributed to my buying it. I bought the gun and had Trijicon night sights installed at the shop. I was able to shoot a reactive steel range yesterday and couldn't hit a thing - not even the first target that was proabbly at 5 yards. I mentioned in a previous post that with the rented M&P I had a 3" group at 7 yards, so this was pretty alarming. The armorer who installed the sights said that if I had any problems with the sights to just bring the gun back and he would fix it. I could easily tell the windage was off on the sights but I also had to aim high to hit each target. My question is, can the height of Trijicon's be adjusted? This is hard to explain, but on the M&P, both the front and rear sights extend in front of and behind the dovetail joint. I didn't look at this on the stock sights, but now that the Trijicons are on, the sight is slightly raised off the slide, enough that you could fit a piece of paper between the slide and the bottom of the sight. Is this something the armorer can adjust? I'm going back to the range on Thursday to shoot some paper targets so I can see exactly how far off the sights are. Anyone words of wisdom?
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