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while we are on topic, this brings up another interesting question.

The 10/22 "Gatling" gun kit from tactical innovations.

It is driven by a hand crank that turns a cam which actuates the triggers. Because it is driven by a cam, even tho the turning of a crank is one smooth motion, it is still considered semi auto because of the 1 trigger pull=1 shot mantra.

Now, what is to say you cannot simply remove the hand crank, and attach some random electric motor to the camshaft; like a drill motor for example, and electronically spin the cam?

Im sure BATFE would be quick to strike it down, but that is almost like the bump fire argument how its a thin gray line where if they said bump firing
was illegal, it would almost mean having a semi auto weapon is illegal.

Having an electric motor spin the cam is basically full auto...but it is still 1 shot per trigger pull...but then again this is the department that says it is a felony to own and AR-15 and a pair of shoes at the same time.

(i know they mention right in that link that atf doesnt allow it, but show no proof and it could just be them covering their ass)

anyone have ideas on that?
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