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No, there isn't. One of ours (the 2") chronos at 1,305fps and we made the mistake of shooting at our pistol caliber steel plate swingers from 15'. Made a mess out of one of the hanger plates. Bent it so the hinge isn't true anymore. This is one we use for .357 without denting them at all.

Recoil with the 115gr bullet from the 2" is stout for sure, but who's going to notice the flash-bang-recoil of a defensive shot? Its got the larger factory grips so it feels comfortable and completely controllable. The SP101 feels better but its quite a bit larger than the Taurus. Lots of rounds through the Taurus so far with not a single glitch.

One of the very big deals is that our girls can shoot all the rest of the .32's and even .327 downloaded for practice. We cast for it so its cheap to shoot.

Some of you guys need to borrow one from someone and shoot before you post.

Edit: I'll post a side by side photo in a while.

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