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How about social responsibility?

You have made the choice to carry a deadly weapon. You may have made it only to protect your life and that of your family or maybe your friends. Or maybe you take responsibility of protecting your fellow citizens. Of course the problem those who defend themselves let alone others always face is being incarcerated for our troubles.
What would I do if a bunch of gang-bangers were advancing on me? I would retreat ,draw, and if the BG's continued to advance I believe I would open fire. Of course, as I'm an engineer, there is plenty of opportunity to over-think so I could very well fail.
The real question is what I would do if I thought a fellow citizen was in danger of grave injury or death. We are lucky if we don't go to jail for defending our own life, I would seriously be weighing my odds of staying out of jail for defending another. THAT is the real issue.
By all means let's watch fellow citizens get beaten , I'm sure it looked like they might survive it.
Could this possibly be why we are in the situation we are in? Everyone thinks the security of our society is the responsibility of others?

Just a thought.
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