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If only the definition of most was zero; then at least one thing you have posted in this thread would have made sense
Thanks buddy. Having you as a polar opposite is extremely reassuring. You must be correct after all you know my firearms training and that of MOST LEO's right? Oh wait no you don't LOL.

One thing is clear to me, you sir would have been at the mercy of the gang. Your jujitsu would be quickly over powered by just a handful of gang youth.

Can you post some of the firearms curriculum run at your choice of police academy?

How about the curriculum from say Front Sight or Thunder Ranch?

Might be fun to compare the two. I suspect you won't however.

Ever hear of the Fluid threat response?

You know my money is on you right LOL.

I didn't intend to make this about me. You attacked and in my own defense I was forced to compare firearms training. I really don't care if you believe. Just folks should know that they don't have to take a beating because some none gun carrying member who hates gun talk says that they cannot survive this encounter if they had to shoot. You are obviously biased against guns in the hands of civilians. You don't even carry yet you post in a tactics and training FIREARMS thread.

Friend please ignore my future posts as strongly as you have ignored the facts in my past posts. We should simply agree to disagree for the sake of TFL and the MODS.
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