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Annealing on the cheap

I decided to get my feet wet with annealing using the basic set up of:

1. 12 mm deep socket wrench
2. 3/8 drill driver
3. Drill
4. Benzoatic torch (fine tip)
5. Bucket of water

Don't have Tempilaq but do have IR thermometer with an automatic targeting system (10 year old son and shooting partner).

Thinking about the 400 odd dollar annealing units and I know it will speed up things no matter if I anneal 100-200 cases a month (which is want I use) or 1,000. But will have to think about that for a while.

Does anyone else use this set up?

Brings me to the question I want to ask:

Can I practice with fired military brass that's not deprimed (Berdan) before I risk ruining by reloadable brass?
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