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+1 Rossi.
Btw, The often-used (including this thread) "Puma" name is used by many to informally describe any Rossi 92 built over the years, starting in the 70s. However, technically it is the marketing name given the Rossi by its largest distributor from the 90s (til 2009 or so), Legacy Sports International (LSI), and by Interarms before then. Other importers marketed the 92 under different monikers.

Despite tooling improvements, different trims/calibers/sights (and a dubious added safety switch) depending on the importer and time-frame over the years, generally a Rossi is a Rossi is a Rossi...but otherwise it's variously been known as/distributed by Interarms (70s-90s), Legacy (LSI-90s-2009), EMF "Hartford" 1892 (late 90s to 2010), Navy Arms 1892 (late 90s-2006) and, now, Rossi itself as the "92" (under its new-ish Taurus/Braztech ownership) since LSI's departure as the sole importer of current record.

Edit: Legacy (LSI) took the "Puma" name with it when it ceased importing the Brazilian (Rossi) 92s in favor of the Italians (Chiappa)...and now, even more confusingly, uses the name for both its new 1892 and 1886--and perhaps others.

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