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Most Police Officers are better prepared for violent confrontation than 99 9/10% of all non police(civilians).
I would agree 99 9/10 with that statement LOL.

The police engage in organized training in the police academy, and yearly or semi-yearly firearms training and qualification.
Very basic and focused of hitting the target. Little or even nothing on tactics after the academy and few there. So while better than most civilians, who practice zero tactics and even less shooting, it is still lacking IMO compared to say a SWAT team member.

Police Officers first go through a field training period. Thats not it either. A police Officers most serious training begins the night they have to fend for themself.
Again we agree but to a point. I believe that this on the job training hones skills needed to deal with the more common situations like traffic stops, pat downs, room clearing, etc. and not a full out shoot out.

Example......As the alarm response employee for the shops that I work, I have had dozens of opportunities to enter the shops at night with LE under suspected burglary conditions. I can tell you that not a single man or woman used good tactics in 20 years.

I asked my cousins who are LEO's how to reload with one hand.....a very basic skill, neither was taught how. Same for shooting on the move and others.
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