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I'm sure that you and friends are recieving competent training, and have honed your skills to a fine point. I dont dispute this. I'm glad you understand that you are the exception... not the rule. I have personal respect for any individual who accepts the responsibility of not only arming him/herself, but going the extra mile with training, and practice.

Of course there are Police Officers who are not ready for a violent confrontation. They are the exception... not the rule. Most Police Officers are better prepared for violent confrontation than 99 9/10% of all non police(civilians). The police engage in organized training in the police academy, and yearly or semi-yearly firearms training and qualification. For the most part this is not what qualifies them better. Police Officers first go through a field training period. Thats not it either. A police Officers most serious training begins the night they have to fend for themself. The company of more experienced officers, and the individual Officers own sense of survival, and experiences is what makes the difference. These experiences can be had at the range... cant be gotten in any amount of training... cant be tought in a classroom. In my experience Officers go through several phase during their career. I'm talking strictly about street cops... Not pouge's

A probie is someone who is in training, and not ready to fend for himself.

A rookie is an officer who is inexperienced, but has been thrown to the wolves.

A Cop is a rookie who's made it.

A pecock is an officer usually with around 7 years in who believes he's at the top of his game. And in fact is a legend in his own mind.

A senior man is an officer with 10 years or more who may be trying to live down his Pecock reputation, but is truely at the top of his game. These officers tend to mentor the rookies.

An old timer/hairbag is usually an officer who's over 20 years in, or a senior man who's given up and is working for the pension.

THE SENIOR MAN.. the cock of the walk. _ Command Sgt Major.

I know this has little or nothing to do with firearms. Sorry bout that. I just want folks to understand... It aint just organized training.
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