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Recoil comparison...

Here is my opinion, from one page back:
I agree with him, that the noise level and muzzle blast are about the same as a comparably hot .357 Mag load. And I've been experiencing .357 Mag noise/blast all my life - in anything from a 2" barrel, to a 6" barrel.

I had some of the factory .327 Federal Hydra-Shoks, Gold Dots, and American Eagle SPs on hand for side-by-side testing. It was .327 SP101 vs .327 Blackhawk vs .357 GP100 (4"). Hot loads in the GP100 were as punishing, or more punishing than the SP101's noise level and muzzle blast. I still don't think they were worse than a .357 Mag, but the loudest/blastiest () factory ammo was the American Eagle. (I didn't bring up the Blackhawk, because noise levels and muzzle blast are much less apparent than with the SP101.)
If you can get your hands on one for testing, try the Federal Hydra-Shok factory load. It is a "low recoil" or "reduced recoil" loading, and not as bad as the other factory loads.

....Or give .32 H&R a try.
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