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Please accept my condolences, I'm sorry for your loss.

1 Colt 1860 Army ball and cap s/n 121XX mfg date 1861/62? fully fuctional, have 5 matching s/n's, condition fair/good maybe better. .44 cal??? not a repoduction
BBV = $5,000.00 in 50% original condition

1 C Sharps 4 barrel pepperbox .22 cal says Pat. 1859 on one side, C sharps & Co philada pa on the other. s/n 53XX with a little space then number 2 condition aged, brass is good carved wood grips very good. fully fuctional
1st or 2nd Model, BBV = $500

1 Colt model ? yr? no PAT. date to be seen. On front trigger ass. left ( gun point away) .455 cal( Brit. round ? } and the letter E. On the barrel it reads Colt's PT FA MFG Co HARTSFORD CT U.S.A. DEPOT 14 PALL MALL LONDON.
S/n on bottom of handle two lines top is 10 under is 5XX single action or thumbed dual action ??? action is smooth if a SA. fully fuctional if SA. it has attachment on bottom of handle under S/n for a strap. nichel plated ?? grip type ?? condition good or better not sure what grips are made of.
Sounds like a Model 1878 DA in .455 Eley, BBV = $3500.00

1 Colt model ? yr. ? on left side under the cyl. two PAT dates. one july 25 1871 the second july 2 1872 S/n 30XX in two places on the ass. in front of brass trigger guard and on the Cyl. wood grip type ??? brass running front and back of grip. on the barrel a stage coach robbery ingraving. condition fair to good.
Sounds like a Model 1871-1872 Open Top .44 Rimfire, BBV = $25,000.00

1 .22 yr?? model ?? make ?? saye '' ranger 22 long'' ?? this stamped on top of a closed cyl. also stamped under that is PAT MOH 28.71 MAY 27 and two more numbers witch i can not read due to pitting. no S/n can be seen, wood grips, nichel plated condition poor to fair. SNS, BBV = $50 max

1 Smith&Wesson K 22 Master Piece S/n 1353XX Yr 1951 ?? - BBV = $450.00

1 Colt SA Army .38 special pre WW2 S/n 3555XX Yr 1937/38 ?? - Late Smokeless Powder SAA, BBV = $7500.00


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