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Well, in the first place we need to get rid of those question marks.
A set of close clear pictures will let board members identify your guns and tie down the period of manufacture. So move ahead with that camera. Be sure to get one with closeup and macro capability. We need to be able to read those markings in 8 point type.

As to value, I am sure somebody here will make a guess; somebody else will tell you to look up completed auctions of similar models on and If you need an "official" paid grading and appraisal for insurance or division of the estate, I think there is an outfit that will give you a number based on good photos. There might be somebody in NY that you could get them to. An ordinary gun shop is not worth the trip except in the most general way. The store here charges $30 for an appraisal that mostly consists of looking the model up in the Blue Book and writing the appropriate figure on a FFL letterhead. That might be good enough for insurance, though.

I question the idea of somebody stating a "value" not backed up by a cash offer to buy, but hey, everybody wants to know what his stuff is "worth." And, as said, insurance agents and lawyers want numbers on everything.

Good luck and my condolences on the passing of your Father.
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