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Good day from Australia

Well I'm not the first Aussie on this forum and will not be the last.
Have been a hunter with rifles/bows for more than 30 years. Did give it away when my hunting partner died in 1995. This was my father and had hunted with him since I can remember.
Game we chased in those years,wild goats,wild pigs,foxes and rabbits. Have had many rifles in those years and in 1996 when the powers that be decided to bring in gun licences I desposed of 35 rifles and ammo. Could not be bothered with all the hassles at that time. Had not be hunting in any form since my father died but fast forward to this year and the old feel came back.
Ran into an old mate and he invited me to a deer hunt. Well now I'm in the throws of getting my licence (takes up to 10 weeks ) then I can apply for a permit to buy ( takes 4-6 weeks). Then of to the gun shop and pick up my Howa 308. This is already waiting to be picked up but need all the above first.
Well I should have my new rifle in hand by mid August that how I figure it will take. First hunt will be in October when we have a long weekend,but will be at the range getting some long awaited practise. Well thats a little about me and the hoops we have to jump through in Australia to get a licence.
This is for a rifle/shot gun/ only licence!!!!!!
Bye all till next time
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