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Rossi M92 stronger action than the 1894 and works well with handgun cartirdges. The 1894 was not designed for handgun cartridges and if you google "dreaded Marlin Jam" you can learn how to "fix" you Marlin to function well with handgun cartridges. For 30-30 I would for sure get a Marlin but otherwise the M92 is a better bet especially from Steves Gunzs or at least get the upgraded parts he sells. The M92 is so strong it is sold in .454 which the 1894 could not handle.
Actually I'm pretty sure that the 1894 Marlin was designed for pistol cartridges. You're confusing it with the Winchester 94 which WAS NOT designed for pistol cartridges but instead for rifle cartridges like the .30-30. But plus on Steves Guns.

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