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I'm sure the .327 is a fine cartridge. When I look to compare pistol rounds I usually look at energy.

If my calculations are correct (and I've been known to butcher an equation once or twice) my 4" Trooper Mk III pushes .357 Winchester Super X 158 gr JHP's at 1350 fps measured at 15 ft on a 65 deg F day. Works out to 640 ft/lbs energy.

Your 5.5" firearm shoots a 71 gr projectile at 1800 fps which comes to 511 ft/lbs which is 80% the energy of the above. Your 100 gr AE round at 1700 fps comes out almost dead even at 642 ft/lbs

Playing with Federals Ammunition & Ballistics catalog I would guess that the difference in trajectory might put the .327 less than .5 inches flatter at 50 yards. (a whopping 2.5" at 100 yards)

If a nice .327 sp101 fell in my lap I'd have a set of dies and bullets on order in a heartbeat but I'm kind of partial to my .357

(now where is that "beating a dead horse" smiley....)

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