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Jim, no, attaching a fixed or detachable stock to a semiautomatic pistol is a SBR. To attach a folding or collapsable stock to a semiauto take you to two qualifying 'evil' features, the pistol grip and the folding stock. Not really going to use a Luger because I think using an original stock on it still allows it to qualify for C&R classification. To qualify to be a semiauto AW: if it is of foreign manufacture (semiauto w/ detachable magazine) it is allowed ZERO evil features, for domestic manufacture there is only one evil feature allowed. You don't have to have the folding stock, pistol grip, flash hider, bayonet lug, threaded muzzle, and grenade launcher to qualify, two will do it. So there is no way to attach one of those side folding stocks that replace the grip panel on a Ruger Mk II .22 pistol because although it qualifies as a SBR, the pistol grip and folding stock qualify it as a SAAW as well. If you attach a folder to a revolver then you do not go into the test criteria of an SAAW. Same as if you put a collapsable stock on an AR-15 with an 11' barrel IF the magazine has been welded in place OR it is manually operated. That would be a SBR but would not qualify for the test of SAAW.
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