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So, I took a lot of your advice, bit the bullet, and rented a few guns. I shot a Kahr P9, a Glock 26, a Smith M&Pc, and a Glock 36 Slimline. It turns out the Kahr kicks like a mule and really hurt my trigger finger every time I fired a round. The Glock 26 was pretty nice, but didn't point naturally for me. I liked the thinness of the Glock 36 but it kicked really hard seeing as how it's a .45. The M&Pc was awesome. It pointed perfectly as soon as I brought it up to the target, and there was hardly any recoil. I shot a 3" group at 7 yards. Not great, but not bad considering it was the first time I shot it. Needless to say, I ended up getting the M&Pc and got Trijicon night sights installed at the shop I also bought a box of Golden Sabre rounds. I appreciate everyone's advice. I'm really glad I listened to you all and rented some guns!
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