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Bad Citadel 1911 Review

I just took delivery of a new full sized 1911 Citadel. First, I would like to say that I really think that I am going to like this pistol. When I first open the box, I was pleased to see a full length guide rod. This must be a new upgrade because the documentation still shows the two piece part.

I have put about 50 rounds of 230 gr Remington hollow points through it and it shoots like a dream, provided that I only put four rounds in the magazine. The magazines provided with this pistol are crap. I mean these are really really crap. A huge percentage of my rounds were dropping their nose and diving straight into the front of the magazine well. These rounds did not feed, but it did manage to drive the slug into the case, producing some really short rounds. The first three rounds go into the magazine and come out without any problem. When the forth round is inserted, I noticed that it was only touching the preceding round at the primer end. This means that when the slide drives the round forward, it causes the nose of the bullet to drop before it starts to move forward. This gap between the business end of the rounds just gets larger as addition rounds are inserted into the magazine. The gap between the seventh round and the eighth round is so huge that these rounds will seldom feed. I pressed on the back of the eighth round with my thumb to drive it our of the magazine. When I do this, the front of the bullet drops 3/16 of an inch before the round begins to move forward. This means that the bullet is now sitting horizontally in the magazine instead of angled up to the chamber. Round after round dives headlong into the front of the magazine well and jambs that gun.

Before purchasing this pistol, I read nothing but glowing reviews. I am pretty sure that the problem can be resolved with a quality magazine. When their offices open, I will be speaking with the customer support people for pistol. My hope is that they will truly stand behind what I hope will be an awesome pistol. Either way, I will let you know what I have find out.

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