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BUYER BEWARE - CheaperThanDirt

I'm appalled and darn right disappointed at the business decision CheaperThanDirt (CTD) has made regarding an ammo sale to me. Last night, I saw the following ad on their website and ordered 10 boxes.

Item # AMM-512
Ammo .45 Auto Fiocchi 230 Grain FMJ Boxer
Primed Brass Case 50 Rounds per Box $9.39

This morning, after checking the status of my order via My Account on their website and seeing that the product was "backordered", I called to ask why their website confirmed my order against a backordered product, without advising it was backordered. The CS person said, "that due to a system error, the order will not be processed". I then asked to speak to the CS Supervisor - she explained that the product was advertised with the wrong price, and that CTD had made a "business decision" not to honor sales that were confirmed prior to catching the mistake, even though they have stock on the item.

I explained that most people regard CTD as a reputable company; but in my mind, this decision is unethical. I asked if CTD is prepared for the backlash they should expect from many who have ordered their products in the past; and now, appropriately, opt not to do business with them in the future. She simply said, "it was a business decision".

I personally have never encountered this situation before; when I've dealt with companies that have made mistakes in advertising, they honor the advertised price, realizing the negative impact to their business and reputation if they don't.

I will not do business with CheaperThanDirt in the future.
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