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Originally Posted by Achilles11B
I've seen a lot of .223 HD ammo that claims to be designed for 'maximum expansion without overpenetration', would these be good to even consider or would the frangible route be best?
Like anything .223 needs good ammo selection. Some of the really light rounds are so limited in penetration that they are limited in where they are useful. And as mnero pointed out, if you have a large window or plank exterior in your background, .223 and buckshot will both go through those; but .223 may travel much farther.

I would stay away from frangible ammo. Frangible is usually used to reduce damage on backstops at ranges. It tends to be less reliable than normal ammo and inconsistent in what it does from what I've read.

Originally Posted by jct61765
if corbon is good enough for the air marshals it is good enough for me
According to this article, Air Marshals use Speer Gold Dot 125gr JHP.

And you can learn more about Glaser Safety Slugs here.
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