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Back when I lived in an apartment 2 years ago, I keep my 9mm loaded with 100 gr. Corbon Powerball (i.e. a 90 gr. hollowpoint with 10 gr. of rubber in the nose). Prior to buying the 9mm, I also kept a Winchester 110 gr. hollowpoint load in my .357. My philosophy was any load will be able to go through those very thin walls, but if I can cut down on how many walls it went through that’s at least reducing the risk of harming someone innocent. The light/fast hollowpoints I picked has less than optimal penetration on a target (10ish inches in ballistics gel if remember right), but are more likely to either stay in the target or lose most of their velocity if they exits. Also, a light/fast bullet is more likely to fragment if I missed and hit the siding the lined much of exterior my second apartment.
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