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full auto 10/22

Now before people come at me with all legal stuff like everyone is a lawyer (not insulting anyone, iv'e seen it with my own eyes on this forum and others), i just want to say i understand, i'm not an idiot. I am currently going through the waiting process of my first class III weapon; a Stag Arms AR-15 with 11.5" lefty upper and Yankee Hill suppressor.

I know most of the rules.

One i am fuzzy about is the whole full auto thing. I have heard that you can do it to an AK-47 with a pre-ban receiver (which i actually happen to have as well) with the usual $200 tax stamp and the parts.

But when looking into the 10/22 it seems different. I have a 10/22 manufactured in 1982, but from what i have read, this it doesn't matter. The only way it can be done legally is with one of john norells $10,000 trigger packs, and the pack can be dropped in ANY receiver.

Is this the only way? and does the fact i have a "pre-ban" 10/22 not even matter? $10k seems a bit ridiculous considering you can buy a real center fire full auto for a few grand more.

So please refrain from the clever prison jokes and analogies everyone comes up with. I didn't come here to be harassed, just to get the facts.

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