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Cobra Tactical Review

Don't bother with the painful migraine that will come by trying to do business with them and I would avoid doing business with them altogether. I placed an order with them because I found they had low prices and free shipping so I was excited about it. After placing my order and once my order was processed, I was notified that my product was out of order and on back order. After waiting one month, and during that time I never had an update from them saying when they estimated my order to arrive, but I had to contact them several times trying to figure out when it would arrive. I decided to cancel my order then since I wasn't able to get what I wanted through them after waiting a whole month. I contacted them to cancel my order and get a refund, however, according to their policy, they only offer store credit for cancellations and refuse to refund your money. Don't get duped into buying from them! First off, you don't even know if they have your product in stock cause they won't tell you on their web page and second, once you place an order, you can't get your money back. Even if its been a month and you still don't have your order, because their policies refuse to satisfy customers and are not made clear when placing your order. They obviously don't care about customer satisfaction!
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