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Well, I read the "not too expensive" part, so I figured the high-end powered trimmers would not be a useful answer...

And, the advice for doing it in small batches is also wise. I have a Hornady Cam-Lock and I used to do 50-100 at a time and it wasn't that bad.

However, I found that I only have access to my reloading equipment on weekends, which are often booked solid with commitments for things other than reloading. So, I wind up reloading a few thousand rounds in various cartridges maybe twice a year. (If I was shooting competition, I'd probably be reloading thousands of rounds per month.)

So, even though I couldn't justify the cost based on total rounds, I wound up buying a Giraud. The initial cost was around $450 (so this does cause a good case of sticker shock), but the quick-change adapter and additional heads are only around $70, I believe. So the setup for .30-06 and .243 was around $260 per cartridge, which was cheaper than the Dillon power trimmer.

I no longer hate trimming. Looking back, it was worth the cost, even though my production numbers are quite low compared to true volume reloaders.

My only complaint is that the Giraud can't handle straight-wall, so I still have to use the Hornady for .44 Magnum. Fortunately, I don't shoot that in large quantities.

Just something to ponder. I know the durn things are expensive, but in terms of saved aggravation, I think they are worth every penny.

(For a chuckle, you might read up on the history of the Giraud. I believe it was designed and built by a machinist who shot high power rifle competitions. He wasn't satisfied with the time required for trimming and "designed a better mousetrap".)
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