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New sidearms; .40, .357sig, .45acp...

Depending on your training-skill level, I'd suggest a well made pistol in .40/.357sig/.45acp.
A S&W military and police compact with ambi safety night sights in .357sig or .40S&W could do well. A CPO(pre owned/factory service) SIG Sauer P220R .45acp a P229R in .357sig/.40 or P239 DAK w/night sights may work.
Finally, if you want a good new in box(NIB) 9mm AKA: 9x19mm, a PX4 Storm C or a Ruger SR9c could be a good pick.

Crimsontrace lasergrips may be a good add-on too & they have a $50.00 rebate offer: .

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