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I use a Hornady Cam-Lock trimmer. It's not bad to use.

The key to case prep, and especially, trimming, is to do small lots. Doing 20-50 cases at a time isn't bad at all. It's when you put things off, let it pile up, and otherwise just procrastinate, that the job seems insurmountable. (Or you purchase a massive lot of brass, and think it all has to be done at once.)

I try to keep the case prep jobs in check by trimming, deburring flash holes, and chamfering/deburring case mouths on the days/nights when I don't feel like sizing or working with powder. It gets me in the reloading room, is a productive task, and makes actual "loading" days more efficient. On occasion, I'll even do the flash hole deburring and case mouth jobs while watching a movie with my wife (if I have brass that's already trimmed, or doesn't need a trim).
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