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I think its dumb and a waste... We already have a .357mag and .357 sig, why confuse us more with a .327 ? I really think it's pointless... I like a .357 revolver, because it can shoot BOTH .357/.38 with that being said, I do not know anything on the .327 as to balistic testings and is it more powerful than the .357?
I hope the zombies carry Taurus

How many directions can someone be wrong? You don't know the ballistics, but it's dumb and a waste?

1,345 FPS with 425 ME. Hows that? A smaller package, more power than a 9mm or a .38 special. I have one SP-101 Ruger and one Rossi. My wife, sister and mom all carry .327 magnums. They fire .32, .32 Long, .32 H&R and can be downloaded for target practice. Powerful enough to stop a BG in his tracks. What a waste!...... not to mention dumb?

Now I'm hard-casting for it and still pushing 1,200 FPS with no leading.

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