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Hammer - I agree. I find the 432 a very easy pocket carry gun. Light weight - 6 rounds.

I got it when SW were discontinuing them for $330 ish at the gun show. Should have bought two of them.

With floppy cargo pants or shorts, it's just right for TX heat

Hello Glenn
I have the Model 431. Same gun as yours as far as Being an Air-Weight but mine has an exposed hammer. I got it new in Box and traded a Vintage K-38 for it about Three years ago and never looked back. I replaced the Ugly Rubber Good-Year stocks it had with some smooth Magna's I had laying around. Here it is , Long Live the .32's.... Hammer It....

"Yeah, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, ... I shall Fear no Evil, as I carry with me My Loaded S&W"..
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