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I ran into something similar on my first attempt to reload pistol rounds. I have the Hornady LNL single stage kit and it turned out my digital scale was bad. I need to send my scale back and have them replace it. I went and purchased an Lyman regular scale and have had no problems since. I had an experienced friend tell me to run a bunch of powder through it and work on a consistent motion with the lever like others have said. If nothing you try works try a different scale.
That's funny! I bought the LNL single stage kit as well, and just shipped the included digital scale back to Hornady last week It's supposed to display a certain text if it's been damaged, but mine was not doing that, and certainly wouldn't calibrate worth a darn.

I use alliant PP a lot. I used to use it with my lee perfect powder measure and currently I am using an RCBS measure. I generally get withing +0.2gr of accuracy. Don't really notice a difference when I shoot. I wonder if I pulled some standard commercial ammo how consistently would their charges be
I really like the power pistol- fair priced, and isn't too dirty to clean up after 9especially when compared to 100 rounds of win white box!)

For all who contributed to this thread previously- I washed my powder measure in warm soapy water, wiped out the outside of the plastic tube with a dryer sheet and ran several pounds of rifle and pistol powder through my measure. Just a few minutes ago, I was consistently metering Varget and IMR 4064 within .3-.4 gr, and actually got the Power Pistol within +/- .1 gr! I couldn't believe it! Thanks for the suggestions. I have yet to get off work in time to get a hold of Hornady and see what their suggestions are.
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