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DNS, your comment on the girlfriend escapes me. She's said right along that she was in the house, so what point are you trying to make? That she didn't see whatever led up to the shooting? She didn't say she was, only that when Taylor came into the house, he closed the door, and the gun was in his back pocket, and that she witnessed the shooting in her home, as did her two kids.
If the point escapes you, then I don't think you have read her statements or the OP very closely. The OP claimed that the officer said a gun was pointed at him, but that witness statements were to the contrary. There were NO witness statements to the contrary. There are none supporting, but contrary to the OP, nothing to the contrary. FYI, I looked at 30+ accounts trying to find out if JM's contrary witness accounts could be found, but nothing could be found.

The girlfriend, Britton, has made all sorts of comments about what went on. She claims that there was no disagreement on the street. There were no words exchanged over a parking place. She stated that there were no sounds from the street at all and that the first sign of trouble of which she was aware was when her boyfriend burst in the house and then the cop came in and shot him.

So yeah, she is claiming to know what led up to the shooting and stating in interviews what happened before the time of which she had any idea what happened. She says her husband never pointed a gun at the cop. She can't possibly know that. She says there was no altercation. Witnesses who were outside actually witnessed it. She says there was no argument over a parking spot, but once again, she wasn't there and it was witnessed. These statements were strong enough that the OP apparently believed she was a witness. 2guns apparently believed it as well. She certainly speaks like she is a witness, stating definitively what did and did not go on before her boyfriend was shot.

And what is up with all the folks here noting that the gun was unloaded. If Taylor did point it at the cop, would the cop know it was unloaded? Of course not. It doesn't matter if it was unloaded or not in terms of what is being perceived at the muzzle end of it.

One article mentioned that IA found a casing three or so feet outside the door, as though that called into question whether the shooting could have taken place inside. Three feet is well inside the throw range of any of my autos, and if the cop opened the door, entered, and shot, that's where I'd expect to find brass, about three feet outside.
My 1911 throws brass about 7-10 feet. We did car drills at Thunder Ranch where I was on the driver's side and firing and my brass was hitting my partner outsdie of the passenger side AFTER traveling through the interior of the car. I agree. If the door was open, it could be no problem for brass to be outside even if he was a few feet in the house.


With all this said, my disounting of the girlfriend's comments and such, I can't see where the cop did anything right. I am not sure that he has to call in anything while it is occurring and he may not have had the capability to do so being off duty, but I can't imagine the cop claiming (some time in the future) that he ran away and hid at his sister's place after shooting Taylor because he was scared of possible repurcussions from Britton or her kids. At most, he would have retreated to cover outside of the house and awaited backup, right? He knew it would have to be coming, that somebody would call 911.
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