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DNS, your comment on the girlfriend escapes me. She's said right along that she was in the house, so what point are you trying to make? That she didn't see whatever led up to the shooting? She didn't say she was outside for the initial events, only that when Taylor came into the house, he closed the door, and the gun was in his back pocket, and that she witnessed the shooting in her home, as did her two kids.

All three reports indicated that the officer made no calls for backup prior to pursuing into Taylor and Britton's home.

Two of the three had a neighbor state that things apparently started out as an argument over a parking spot.

PPD spokesperson apparently acknowledged there was no prior call for backup, before the officer went into Taylor and Britton's home.

The officer did not secure the scene of his own shooting.

One article mentioned that IA found a casing three or so feet outside the door, as though that called into question whether the shooting could have taken place inside. Three feet is well inside the throw range of any of my autos, and if the cop opened the door, entered, and shot, that's where I'd expect to find brass, about three feet outside.

Also, some people say the cop had just moved into the neighborhood. PPD apparently say, no, he was helping a relative move. Another account has the cop helping his sister move in. It does not appear the cop and Taylor knew each other.

Edit: It also appears that Taylor may lose his liver. Last I saw, he was in a medically-induced coma, and being given 50% odds of surviving. Hopefully for all involved, he survives; hopefully, if things are as bad as they seem, the city quietly pays for a liver replacement and all related costs.

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