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Somebody above mentioned problems in Philly if the shooting wasn't justified. I immediately thought this would be a racial issue. The victim isn't a non-white minority and so maybe that aspect will be curtailed.

What I don't understand is that if the police officer's action were legit, why did he run away? That doesn't sound right.

Cop is claiming the guy shot pointed it at the cop, witnesses disagree.
I am not sure what witnesses in the article stated that this didn't happen. There were two witnesses and neither contradicted the officer's claim Britton didn't state that it didn't happen, only that she didn't really know why what was going on when on and why her boyfriend got shot. Mary Thompson is the only other "witness" and she didn't see anything until after the shooting.

Interestingly, this link has another witness, again after the fact, but has Taylor staggering around his front yard after being shot.

So Britton sees her boyfriend shot and just runs after the shooter, leaving her boyfriend to bleed and the boyfriend (Taylor) gets up and goes walking around his yard, showing off his wound to his neighbor, saying he is going to die, but doesn't ask for help and tells the neighbor that he was shot by the officer...and nobody seemed really interested in calling 911 for help until Britton chased the officer back to the house of his origin.

Curioser and curiouser.
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