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New report yesteray from Sharyl Atkisson of CBS News.

While waiting for ATF to respond to the latest demand, it seems Congressional staffs have descended on Arizona and are conducting their own investigation. As mentioned earlier in the thread, Assistant Special Agent in charge of Phoenix ATF, George Gillett has obtained an attorney and is voluntarily cooperating with the investigation.

In other news, Atkisson names the AUSA involved in Fast and Furious as Emory Hurley. Apparently Emory Hurley's boss is Dennis Burke. Dennis Burke in turn, was chief of staff to (then) Gov. Janet Napolitano, who is now Secretary of Homeland Security. To top this off, there was an apparently a Homeland Security agent assigned to the Fast and Furious task force; but Napolitano denied knowing anything about Fast and Furious.

Lanny Breuer at DoJ has also been named as someone who knew about Fast and Furious; but apparently DoJ will not release records relating to his trip to Mexico to the Congressman.

So far both Holder and Napolitano have claimed no knowledge of Fast and Furious; but given some of the people who were involved in it and the level of authority such a project would require, I'm feeling a bit skeptical.
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