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LinuxHack3r: your not getting what Im saying. Im saying if the officer didnt announce he was an officer(ie. he didnt say freeze NYPD, AND show a badge) the homeowner could have easily shot the off duty officer not knowing he was an officer and he would be thrown in jail as the "bad guy" even though he didnt know he was an officer. I can tell you if I was the homeowner and some crazy guy came running after me with a gun I would have done the same thing, ran inside and put cover between me and the madman untill I could properly defend myself( ie load the gun in my hand or get a different gun). So like I said if he didnt announce he was an officer how does the homeowner know that he actually was an officer? And if he would have shot the off duty officer he would be labled as a cop killer and thrown in jail, even though the officer never annouced himself as such.
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