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I don't think the dept lawyers will be there for this officer as these actions seem to be not under the scope of his employment. he can't get upset and shoot someone because they run away from him. that is speculation but being offduty and charging into someone else's home isn't warranted. this officer let his emotions get the better of him. the gun was unloaded, so the victim pointing the firearm at the officer is extremely questionable at best. there was obviously some sort of verbal communication from the offduty cop and the victim. I doubt it was gun drawn, commanding voice stating to drop the weapon and I'm a cop. I can wonder about some of the conversation they had with the street in between them. try to be optimistic: call for backup and have a buddy with you. this article is very troubling but that's why there is a process. this is just an article, much more sifting is needed. I don't think anyone wants this man to die...
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