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Originally Posted by nathaniel View Post
Until I know if he announced that he was an officer cause the tables could be turned if he didnt and the home owner would be in prison instead of the officer being on "administrative leave".
I understand the cop should have announced he was an officer, but I ask so what? Here a guy is, minding his own business on his property (supposedly), and a guy rushes him from across the street. After he guy locks himself in his own house, the guy outside yells that he is a cop. This normal looking guy busts himself into the house through the locked door, and he is wearing everyday casual clothes. This guy has a gun. He is pointing it at the civilian. I ask is the civilian even in the wrong if he shoots the guy defending his life and that of his family?

Anyone can yell "NYPD" and bust in a door. If for no apparant reason some guy without a uniform does so and then knocks down a door, I stand that the homeowner should have the right to defend himself.

ANYONE can say those 4 letters.

The point here is that officers have a SOP, and that is what is supposed to protect them from us. That is why their SOP is so important.
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