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Hey! Move the trophy just a bit and it'll make that minivan in the driveway look like a Jaguar!

Very cool trophy.

Hello Sevens
I appreciate the Kind words. The Mount is held in Place with Two 3/8" cold roll steel rods that run all the way down the cat's back Leg's where his Femur bones used to be to the base of the Mount. It can be raised or lowered with these Rod's as they are threaded. I plan on adding a Large Fox squirrel to his Paw's once I find the donor this fall to Harvest it will make the mount complete. Our Fox squirrel's range in weight from 4-9 Pounds and the larger ones are the size of a small house cat. They are tough to kill due to their size, and will indeed attack the hunter if provoked coming down the tree to bit you ! I recently purchased a Nice Vintage Remington Target Master Model 510-X rifle that has a Vintage Redfield Cub 4-X scope mounted on it to perform the task of taking a Large Fox squirrel this fall... I will Post Pictures of my Cat with the Fox squirrel mounted between it's paws when I have completed the mount... Hammer It
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