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Awww, come on Hammer It, where a picture of the now finally mounted Bobcat?! If you've ever posted the final results, I've yet to see that picture, though I've read of your exploits of it many times.

I also saw where you had contacted Roy Huntington of American Handgunner -- did he ever get around to recognizing your triumph with the .327 Federal Mag anywhere in his magazine?
Hello Sevens & Glenn
I did get word back from Roy Hunington. His comment was rather unique neat story about the harvest of a lareg Bobcat with a Bowen Modified revolver chamberted in Federal .327 Magnum caliber, but his room for such a story or the reader's interest may not br peaked in it. The following month I saw his Feature story was on some Grandma that was a security guard at a local Bank that packed with her a Colt 1911. That was the last "American Handgunner Ragazine" I Purchased or read any of his articles after that... Glenn, I still pack my S&W Model 431 daily in my Travels loaded with hand loads for the .32 H&R Magnum caliber. It is a comfortable carry being an Air-Weight weighing just Twelve Ounces Empty and like all .32's is deadly accurate. Hammer It

"Yeah, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, ... I shall Fear no Evil, as I carry with me My Loaded S&W"..
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