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the down stroke is when the powder is dumped into the measures cavity,rap the handle on the down stroke to settle the powder ,once twice or however many times you like ,doing it the exact same everytime with the same force is the key.
Sometimes,especially with "stick" powders,I double pump the handle and end up throwing an off charge ,it works best,for me anyway, if I move the handle only once on the upstroke.
Ok, so next time I'll try just a regular upstroke, and then tapping it once or twice to settle the powder on the downstroke.

As much as I love Power Pistol, without a doubt it is the only powder I have that seems to be affected by static in my RCBS Uniflow. I have no problems with any of my other 10 powders I have on hand.
Really? Weird. I guess if nothing else- I've conjured several remedies to fixing the problem if I ever have it again. Next lb of powder will be something different, since I wanted to try a different brand anyway.

You need a pistol rotor and piston.
Just found and ordered a Hornady Pistol rotor & metering assembly on Midway for about $30. Thanks for that input-
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