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New gun owner - S&W M&P 9c

My dad got 2 of these pistols new at auction at a good price and gave me one. The only gun I've ever owned was a very cheap muzzleloader and I didn't have it very long. I know next to nothing about guns, other than what I've just recently read on the internet.
My dad told me that any 9mm Luger ammo will work, but I don't know anything about specific types. He said to only use non-corrosive ammo. I keep coming across p and +p and +p+, but don't know what it, or most abbreviations mean (ex. Local walmart sells 9mm Luger 115 grain FMJ RN). I know FMJ, but not RN. Also, how do I know what grain to use? I read that you should vary your ammo when the gun is new. Why? And does this mean just different brands, or alternate between hollow point and regular ammo? He sent me this link to show me what to buy:
I assume this is good for the range, but is it at all good for self defense?
If anyone can clarify any o this for me, or offer any other advice, I would appreciate it!
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